"Sweeping Today's Environment to meet Tomorrow's Expectations!"

Sunsweep's Sweeping Equipment

MacDonald Johnston

Mechanical Broom Sweeping Truck

McDonald Johnson Road Sweeper
  • General Road Sweeping
  • High pressure water spray system fitted
  • Pit sucking apparatus
  • Developers/Civil and building Contractors
  • Ideal for Heavy sediment sweeping


Regenerative Air Sweeping Truck

Schwarze Road Sweeper
  • General Road Sweeping
  • Outdoor car park sweeping
  • Ideal for heavy leaved areas
  • Airport Runway Sweeping

Nilfisk Advance and Tenant

Industrial Mechanical Carpark Sweeper

Nilfisk Car Park Sweeper
  • Undercover car parks
  • Outdoor car parks
  • Factory Sweeping